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Being partial towards pastel colours and having a preference for crisp linen this is my go to choice for workwear. Feminine designs which are practical and comfortable. Fast delivery and absolute product satisfaction. Highly recommend it!

Sindhoor R, Entrepreneur & French Language Instructor

It is elegant and stylish and best of all, deeply comforting. The fabric used is uncompromising and that's what makes it a must have. It graces you in all occasions - Board room meets, normal office work  or regular family gatherings. It's a delight to wear the Svarasa!

Dr Vandana Madhusudan, CXO and a Mother

Svarasa breathes. The fabric is very comforting and the dress gives a lot of home for carefree movements. It feels like they have made the design and style keeping just  me in mind. I can switch so easily from my dance classes to school PTMs to family get together and yet carry a graceful demeanour all the time.

Deepa, Kathak Dancer and Teacher