Linen is a sustainable fabric made from flax fibers. The flax plant has been cultivated in just about every country in the world and has been used to make fiber for over 6,000 years.

The linen fiber is two to three times stronger than cotton and dries at a much faster rate. Because of its porous nature, linen has natural heat and moisture-wicking properties that make it a good conductor of warmth and a popular fabric to use for clothing in summers. 

The natural fibers also hold dye colors better than some other materials, and thus the fabric is available in almost any imaginable color. 

Linen is also naturally antibacterial, which made it a popular choice for bandages for centuries and a favorite for window treatments and accessories.

Linen is a choice for today's environment lovers as flax can grow without any pesticide or insecticide. It also uses less water than cotton while being processed making it the most 'sustainable' textile.

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